My train trip to Valencia



Having recently visited Valencia myself, I can second the sentiment shown in this post about the city and how great it is. With its old city charm, beaches, parks, iconic food and drink and futuristic science park, it really has it all.

What to do in Valencia

This post comes from Perri, owner of the blog Seeking the Spanish Sun. As you can probably guess by the title, the blog specialises in Spanish posts, but does include other destinations around the world. My train trip to Valencia (as you can probably guess by the title) starts in a train station, Atocha, as she heads to Valencia to from Madrid on the awesome Renfe train before going on to give an excellent overview of what to see and do in Valencia. Here’s what Perri has to say:

“I’m currently exploring Spain and travelling across the country searching for the perfect place to settle and finally call home. Valencia is one of my favourite regions of Spain and the city offers a wonderful mix of old and new sights and attractions. I took the train to from Madrid to Valencia and wanted to share my experience and all the amazing things I found in Valencia.”

Continue on to discover more about this wonderful city in My train trip to Valencia.

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