Mena Suvari Opens Up About Overcoming Meth Addiction & Abuse Trauma

Suvari also credited the #MeToo movement for inspiring the “permission that I learned I could give to myself” about discussing her assault at age 12. 

As for Suvari’s Peace, she wrote the tell-all as much for herself as she did for other survivors.

“I felt so compelled to tell my story—I needed to, first and foremost,” Suvari continued. “It’s truly something that I had to do for myself and my relationship with the universe, but if anything, I always had the passion, the intention, that if I could shave off a summer of suffering for anyone, I want to do that.” 

Suvari concluded, “I want to be that person that I needed. If anything, I hope it can inspire and shine light. I hope it can create more conversations that I think are important to keep having.”