McKayla Maroney Recalls Trying to “Survive” 2012 Olympics Amid Abuse


McKayla Maroney is opening up about how she connects with Britney Spears on a personal level.

The illustrious Olympian took to Instagram on Monday, July 26, to shine a light on her story as a survivor of abuse after previously accusing team doctor Larry Nassar of molesting her from the time she was 13 years old.

“From my experience speaking up about abuse is extremely exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally,” she began her caption. “From a young age I was taught to work hard, and persevere.”

The 25-year-old star explained that she’s naturally “a positive, bubbly person,” which is why she said, “calling out abusers, and dwelling on all the dark negative pieces of my past felt extremely wrong for me.”

“I hated the depressing tone my life took on, and how the media portrayed me,” she shared. “I never wanted to be seen as a victim, I just wanted Larry Nassar in jail, and the people who enabled the abuse to be held accountable.”


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