Mat George, She Rates Dogs Podcast Co-Host, Dead at 26

Following the tragedy, Michaela shared a separate post thanking people for their support. 

“Thank you to everybody who’s reached out, I’m really sorry but I probably won’t respond for awhile even if we are close,” she wrote on Twitter. “And thank you so much to everybody telling stories and sharing how he impacted you. Whenever you think of him in the future, please do talk about him.”

She also took to the She Rates Dogs podcast Twitter page to note, “Mat and I recorded one more episode that was meant to come out Tuesday but it will likely be put on hold.”

“I know in years to come I’ll feel so lucky that there’s so many recordings of Mat’s laugh to revisit,” her message continued. “I am not ready to talk about everything, or to have to use past-tense to describe him. I think you all knew within 10 seconds of listening to him how vibrant, loving, accepting, and wonderful Mat George is. This community made him so happy. Your words and support made him so happy. Thanks for talking about him.”