Mark Wahlberg Regrets 11,000-Calorie Diet to Gain Weight for New Movie

Mark Wahlberg is realizing he may have come up with a half-baked plan to make his muscular physique rapidly depart.

The 50-year-old The Departed star visited The Tonight Show on Thursday, July 15 to promote his forthcoming drama Joe Bell. During the interview, host Jimmy Fallon asked about the recent shoot for his latest film, Stu, during which Mark at one point gained at least 20 pounds over the course of three weeks to portray a real-life boxer turned priest. 

When he spoke with Jimmy Kimmel back in April, just before the process had begun, Mark sounded downright ebullient about the chance to gain a significant amount of weight over the course of the 30-day film shoot. However, as he explained to Jimmy Fallon, he has since learned this was perhaps not the wisest choice. 

“Unfortunately, I had to consume, for two weeks, 7,000 calories, and then for another two weeks, 11,000 calories,” the star shared. “And it was fun for about an hour. It’s such a hard, physical thing to do. Losing weight, you just kind of tough it out—you just don’t eat, and exercise. And this, even when you’re full, I would wake up after a meal and have another meal. I was eating every three hours. It was not fun.”