Kareen Lomax has a voice of an angel. Her smooth sultry R&B inspired groove oozes all over her music. And you are in luck because there’s a lot to listen to. Not only did she drop a debut EP “HARD FEELINGS” but there’s a vibey music video out for one of the tracks “GET RIGHT.” The video starts off with a bang. A phone rings. “1-800-un-fuck-your-life-or-we-help-you-GET-RIGHT.” And the song starts with one too: “How come when you call you’re never sober?” I’m sorry but we’ve all been there. On the end of a phone call you shouldn’t have picked up. Though she is singing about getting over an asshole, the instrumentals and tone are uplifting. It’s a smile while telling someone to fuck off kind of song. It’s a you messed me up for a second but I’m hot and you’re not worthy walk away kind of a song.

We got to talk to Hot Girl Kareen about DMing Diplo, writing her debut EP “HARD FEELINGS, and working on the “GET RIGHT” music video.

Hey thanks for chatting with me! What are you up to today? What does a typical day look like for you?

Thanks for having me . Today I’m just getting settled back home from writing for my next project in London for a few weeks and traveling to and from  LA to Mexico right before that . I’m finally winning against jet lag and my body has finally caught up to eastern standard time . A typical day for me since COVID normally includes  a zoom writing session , making collage art on canvas , spending time with my puppy Mocha , and cheap wine.

Tell me about coming to LA and deciding to leave? What does home mean to you?

Growing up in the south and being where I’m from there, LA to me has always felt a  little  too much like the “ industry “ and I want balance between that and real life ( and I’m not saying there’s nothing positive about LA because there are parts that I really like ) . To me home is the place that no matter what happens you can always come back and when you do you are surrounded by love , security , and everything feels familiar.

What was the process like putting your EP together? Do you have a favorite song or one that you felt came easily or was difficult to write?

The project was made in different places and times of my life and is a testament to everything happens for a reason  . The title track, “ Hard Feelings “ is not only the first track on the project but coincidentally the record that started everything sonically and for the first time I felt like I had something to write about . “ Big Facts “ was made two years ago in about an hour  on my first publishing trip to LA when I was there with a circle of people who I thought had my back but didn’t . It was the easiest to write because everything flowed out like a freestyle.

“ Real Life “ was a record written in a pitch session for Rihanna but ended up feeling so right for  what I wanted to say.

We made “ GET RIGHT “ and “ No Regrets “ in a cabin I rented in the Blueridge mountains during the most self reflective time of the process where I had a moment to look back on everything in a secluded place and appreciate every situation I had been in.

I don’t have a favorite because every song means something different to me.

How was it making the music video to “GET RIGHT?” How did the collaboration come together?

The “ GET RIGHT “ music video has been one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever worked on in my career so far . The day we shot it was filled with so much good energy between the cast and crew that shows in the final cut and I’m really proud of it . I even got to bring my costar ( the other operator ) , Delon from Atlanta to be in it because I knew he would add so much to the story .  I thought of the concept for the video at  the end of 2020 after seeing a billboard near me with a 1- 800 number advertising some product  that felt like a quick fix  so I imagined a hotline for people with relationship and social issues that were all looking for someone else to solve their problems without realizing they are their solutions  . I feel like we’re all looking everywhere but inside ourselves to help solve whatever we’re going through and I wanted the video to relay the message that real change and progress begins with ourselves . From day one the directors Seannie and Camryn worked hard to bring my vision to life and did an amazing job . Everyone did.

So you managed to get a collab with Diplo through a DM. Who slid in whose first? What was the convo like!

It’s a crazy story really. I slid in Diplo’s DMs in early  2017 hoping he would see and give my music a chance but to no surprise his inbox was flooded and he actually never saw it till 3 years later when we were in Miami together working on more music and about to release our collab with Paul Woolford , called  “ Looking for Me “  . There have been so many coincidences in my career but this is the one that gives me chills everytime . I sent that DM back then and heard nothing but a few months later I received an email from one of Diplo’s A & R ‘s  asking if I wanted to work on some records with Diplo ( we call him Wes ) anyway. It was definitely a good look from the universe because it was so random and unexpected but I’m grateful it happened .  I was then invited to his studio house in the hills to work on records and Looking for Me was one of the first ones I made there .

What have you been listening to on repeat nowadays?

Right now I’m currently working on the next project and during that process I try not to listen to what’s out so the sound of anything I make is not inadvertently influenced .

However , I’m enjoying the Cole album and I just got put onto this artist BLXST from LA A that I listen to often .

What are you thinking about right now?

The future . Now that things are opening back up I can’t wait to play and attend live shows . I wanna make sure I never take being outside for granted again.



photos / Shanté Jackson

story / Vogue Giambri