Kaitlyn Bristowe Claps Back at Fans Mocking Her “Privileged Problems”

“I mean, I shouldn’t have even asked for movie recommendations because then that forces me to go into my DMs, and then I see things like people saying ‘have some dignity,’ ‘pull it together,’ ‘stop crying,’ ‘privileged problems lol,'” the Dancing With the Stars season 29 winner said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot. That’s what I got in my DMs.'”

Luckily, she shared footage after waking up on Sunday, July 18 to make it clear she was in much better spirits following the night’s rest. “All it took was one good sleep, put on a little workout outfit, have a coffee and say, ‘It’s a new day,'” Kaitlyn explained. “I feel good. Let’s go, Sunday.”