Justin Timberlake Responds After Lance Bass Shades Him for Not Texting

Justin Timberlake wants Lance Bass to understand that becoming a dad sometimes means saying bye, bye, bye to your free time. 

On Sunday, July 25, Lance, 42, posted a video to Instagram that he had shared over the weekend on TikTok. In the footage, the NSYNC star had been digitally inserted into a popular video on the platform that shows a number of people dancing in a celebratory manner.

Lance suddenly began dancing joyfully with the others, and he included a message that read, “When JT finally responds to my text…” 

Although some fans posted comments reflecting they were worried about possible tension between the two singers, Justin quickly shared his own response to clear the air and make sure Lance knew there was no bad blood.

As it turns out, the 40-year-old “Mirrors” singer and father of two was simply offering a reminder about the difficulties of balancing parenting responsibilities with leisure, as Lance confirmed last month that he and husband Michael Turchin are expecting twins with a surrogate.