Jessie James Decker Thanks Supporters After Crying Over Body-Shaming

Beginning to heal. Jessie James Decker is in a “much better” place after being body-shamed via Reddit.

“I just wanted to thank y’all for all of your messages,” the “Blue Jeans” singer, 33, told her Instagram followers on Wednesday, July 14. “They meant so much to me and I know a lot of y’all go through the same stuff and deal with the same things. I had a very vulnerable moment yesterday and it wasn’t easy, but I woke up with a fresh start and decided I am no longer gonna let people get to me.”

Jessie James Decker Thanks Supporters After Crying Over Body-Shaming

Jessie James Decker.
Courtesy Jessie James Decker/Instagram

The Just Jessie author concluded, “Onward and upward and give it to God.”

The Italy native shared a tearful video on Tuesday, July 13, after finding a Reddit page saying “awful” things about her weight gain.

“They’re talking about how apparently fat I’ve gotten, and how boxy and how terrible my body looks,” the songwriter said on her Instagram Story. “And they’re accusing me of editing my body and all these things. It’s pretty awful and I can’t believe this is still happening in the world — that people are doing this.”

The “very shocked” former reality star went on to say, “It does make you stop, and you look in the mirror and go, ‘Is there something wrong with me? It is hurtful. I’m such a strong and confident person and I always have been, but it does hurt my heart a little that people are ripping every little thing about me apart. It’s mean. It’s bullying. And it’s not OK, and I hope my daughter doesn’t grow up in a world where people do this to her because it’s wrong and I think we all need to do better.”

The Eric & Jessie: Game On alum, who shares Vivianne, 7, Eric, 5, and Forrest, 3, with her husband, Eric Decker, was on a trip with her daughter at the time and “hid in a bathroom” to keep Vivianne from seeing her struggle.

Jessie James Decker Thanks Supporters After Crying Over Body-Shaming

Jessie James Decker.
Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

The Just Feed Me author, who used to “obsess” over her body image, spoke exclusively to Us Weekly in May 2019 about taking before and after photos to track her weight loss.

“It would just inspire me and make me feel so good,” the Kittenish creator told Us at the time. Like, ‘Oh my God, I’m getting there, and all this hard work that I did of working out and trying to eat healthy, it’s paying off!’”

Jessie is now “let[ting her] self live,” she said on Tuesday, explaining, “I work out and I eat what I want.”

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