Is working from home working for you?


Since the pandemic upended life last year, workdays for many of us who have been told to avoid the office have been very different. Some of it has been positive, allowing us to spend more time with our loved ones instead of commuting. Sometimes we work from our couch, or take calls from picnic blankets in the park or log into a meeting from our parents’ house. Other times, remote work can feel isolating, and Zoom fatigue can leave us feeling depleted and unfulfilled.

With more companies delaying their return to the office, working from home will remain a reality for many of us for the foreseeable future. And at least some remote work is likely to become a regular part of our lives, even after the pandemic is behind us.

So a year and a half after many of us began working from home, we’d like to check in and hear how it’s going for you. If you’d like to participate, use the form below to tell us your story. We may use your response in “Our Changing Lives,” a new series in this newsletter about big lifestyle shifts during the pandemic.


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