Is Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer Worth The Hype? An Editor Reviews

Holy grail, through and through. What can I say? Tarte’s Shape Tape is good to me. An excellent concealer can truly change your whole makeup game, and this one is the real deal. If you want to look like you drink eight glasses of water a day, workout, mind your business, get plenty of sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and love life—then this concealer is for you. If you already do these things, adding Shape Tape to your makeup routine will only bless you further. All kidding aside, if you’re looking for full coverage without any traces of cakiness or creasing, then you will absolutely love Tarte’s Shape Tape. Use it alone as a concealer, as your foundation, or as a pop of highlighter, and you’ll wonder how you ever went so long without it—I know I did.