I Tried The Pasta Queen’s Lemon Temptress Pasta and It’s Simply Delish


If there is anything that I’ve learned from cooking The Pasta Queen’s recipes, it’s that simple is always better. Her dishes usually require only a few humble ingredients and come together very quickly, yet the final results are always nothing short of impressive and delicious. Her latest TikTok recipe, the lemon temptress, is just that: a straightforward, lemon-infused, one-pot pasta. I mean, how could I not try it out? Here is my journey to make this zesty, citrusy pasta dish.

How to Make the Lemon Temptress Pasta

The first step of this pasta dish calls for infusing water with lemon peels and lemon leaves. This recipe could not have come at a better time, because I am a brand-new resident of Los Angeles and my favorite part of this city is the bounty of fruit trees casually planted throughout. One of my neighbors has a kumquat tree in their front yard and it boggles my mind to have such access to such an elite citrus. But, I digress. I went to visit a friend who has a lemon tree in her backyard, and I snagged a few lemons and their leaves.

Once I had procured my fresh goodies, I threw a couple of leaves and peels into a pot of water and brought it to a simmer, then put on the lid and let it sit for a few hours. To cook the pasta, I poured some of this lemon-infused water into an oval Dutch oven with a few glugs of oil and a big pinch of salt. Then I nestled in the spaghetti, letting it cook over medium heat and ladling in some more water when needed. I cooked the pasta al dente, then finished it off with grated lemon zest and Parm (in her video, she uses Provolone cheese but it’s not my thing, so I subbed a cheese that I prefer).

True to the Pasta Queen’s style, this recipe was yet another simple, undeniably delicious dish. The one-pot technique worked like a charm — it was super easy to cook the pasta to the exact doneness that I like. The infused lemon water smelled amazing, and it provided a subtle, citrus fragrance to the entire dish. I cannot recommend this enough — it’s fresh, bright, and impossibly simple. Could you amp up the luxury of this dish and add in butter and cream? Sure, you could, but you certainly don’t need to because it’s wonderfully balanced as is.

3 Tips for Making Lemon Temptress Pasta

Sara Tane


Sara Tane is a food writer and private chef based in Brooklyn, New York. She is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education and has written for Cooking Light, MyRecipes.com, and The Feedfeed. She also has a serious thing for oysters.


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