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Zodiac memes can be fun, but sometimes they leave us feeling annoyed with the overemphasis on the stereotypical qualities of the signs. These labels aren’t the only defining qualities to our personalities!

Those who are familiar with their natal chart know that no one is characterized by just the most basic traits of their star sign. If you don’t know your natal chart yet, fret not as you can read more about the less talked-about aspect of your sun sign below!


Most people are familiar with Capricorns’ serious and realistic approach to life. As a cardinal earth sign, you’re always plotting to reach your goals. On the other hand, you’re actually pretty funny. Your unique sense of humor reflects your mature sensibilities. At first glance, your humor may seem dry and sarcastic, but it’s also witty!

Glow-Up Tip: Lighten up your summer attire by showcasing your humorous side with funny motifs or bold slogan prints. These embellishments communicate your more lighthearted and fun aura to others.



Commonly referred to as the aliens of the zodiac signs, Aquarians are known for their free-spirited, eccentric and unconventional personalities. You may give off an air of nonchalance, but you value your own opinions and ideas. You can also be competitive – not so much for the sake of winning, but rather to prove your ability to accomplish anything if you so desire.

Glow-Up Tip: Channel your competitive side with a dose of wellness! Play sports with your peers, or participate in a race solo. Whatever you do, be sure to have the correct sports gear!



The characteristics that many associate with Pisceans are that they’re compassionate, empathetic and imaginative. These qualities tend to paint a selfless and naïve image, but as a mutable water sign, your intuitive nature makes you analytical too. You’re good at reading situations and observing the energies of people around you!

Glow-Up Tip: Your niceness often makes others assume that you’re gullible. Instead of having to slowly exit from situations or people you don’t enjoy, ward them off by bringing forth another persona. Try a pair of glasses and a killer outfit to make your aura fiercer and less easily approachable.



Your excitable nature and headstrong approach to things may seem far from anything romantic. But being a passionate fire sign, there is definitely a romantic side to you that may not be obvious to everyone.

Glow-Up Tip: Let your inner romantic shine this summer! It can be as straightforward as sprucing up your wardrobe with a few new pieces. Flowy, feminine dresses are the obvious choice. If you’re more of a jeans-and-tee gal, layer on a light cardi or shacket to add a soft feminine touch to your casual combo.



Carefree and spontaneous aren’t the typical traits associated with earth signs. Yet Taureans have the most chill personality out of the three earth signs. With Venus as your sign’s guardian planet, it’s no wonder you love to surround yourself with nice things. This desire can lead you to indulge in occasional spontaneous shenanigans in order to feel like you’re living in the moment.

Glow-Up Tip: You take dressing for the occasion seriously, but you also love the comfort of lounging in your sweats all day. Why not mix and match these two concepts together? Try athleisure! This style caters to impromptu situations in day-to-day life, whether it’s morning yoga, a sudden errand or hanging out after work.



Haters may call you two-faced, flaky and impulsive, but a true friend will know that Geminis are the most loyal BFFs they’ll encounter. Despite your curious nature and tendency to go off-radar (unintentionally), you put your pals first when they need you. Only those in your close-knit group know that you’re the one who always ends up organizing the hangout and catchup sessions!

Glow-Up Tip: Express your love for your crew by sporting squad uniforms this summer! And no, you don’t all have to dress in identical clothes – assign a different colorway for each of your friends, so that you’re twinning without losing individuality.



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