How to Drink Prosecco: Mionetto Cocktail Recipes 2021

Mionetto is one of the biggest names within the prosecco game, perhaps because the winery’s been around since 1887. The winery was the brainchild of Italian winemaker Francesco Mionetto, in Valdobbiadene, a locale within the heart of the Prosecco region. Since Ceola’s been at the helm, more than 1.8 million cases of prosecco have been produced, with more than half those bottles being uncorked in the United States, Mionetto’s largest market. 

Because prosecco tastes better when it’s supremely fresh, Mionetto’s production only starts to bottle it’s liquid gold after an order is placed, ensuring the top freshness. The brand’s also eager to innovate the types of proseccos it creates. Mionetto was the first to launch an organic prosecco, Mionetto Organic, and one of the first to launch a prosecco rose, earlier this year. 

“The DOC was the reason we haven’t seen Prosecco rose until now,” says Ceola. “It’s finally up to quality. There are a limited number of [DOC] stamps available, especially for prosecco rose and we may even run out this year.” 

And, in case you’re wondering whether the folks at Mionetto enjoyed a fair amount of their products before affixing that askew label, it’s very much purposeful: the label is at precisely 27 degrees, the same grade as the hillside of the winery itself.