How the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Captured Our Hearts

“I think we always know that the best thing we could do for soccer, for the lawsuit, for everything that we’re fighting for, equality, is to win,” Kelly O’Hara said in the documentary. 

And win they definitely do, with their most recent World Cup run winning over, well, the world and turning many of the players into legitimate celebrities, an unfortunate rarity in many female sports.

Rapinoe was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year in 2019, also landing a spot on Glamour’s Women of the Year list. And in June, she was named one of the new faces of Victoria’s Secret in the brand’s massive overhaul. Morgan was the only non-tennis player to crack the Top 10 of Forbes’ round-up of the highest paid female athletes in 2020, mostly due to her ever-expanding endorsement portfolio that the money magazine estimated to be “ten times as much as her roughly $400,000 on-field salary and bonus.” And then there are married teammates Alie Krieger and Ashlyn Harris who are the ultimate in #couplegoals (pun fully intended), fans cheering for their 2019 wedding and five-month-old daughter Sloane Phillips.