How Prince George Is Really Getting Ready to Be King

Diana also said in the tapes she made for Morton’s book that she was subtly “altering” what it meant to be in William’s shoes. “People aren’t aware of it, but I am,” she said. “I would never rattle their cage, the monarchy, because when I think the mother-in-law has been doing it for 40 years who am I to come along and change it just like that? 

“But through William learning what I do, and his father to a certain extent, he has got an insight into what’s coming his way. He’s not hidden upstairs with the governess. I’ve chosen all the schools so far, and there was never any argument.”

Similar to Charles’ thoughts as a young boy about becoming king, William was “appallingly embarrassed by the whole thing,” Diana said. “He’s very uncomfortable about that.”

At the same time, Diana was in a place, emotionally, where she was wishing that her estranged husband would go off for good with Camilla Parker-Bowles “and leave me and the children to carry the Wales name through to the time William ascends the throne. And I’d be behind them all the way and I can do this job so much better on my own; I don’t feel trapped.” She reiterated that to an extent to Bashir in 1995, saying, when asked if she would prefer William assuming the throne once he was of age, “My wish is that my husband finds peace of mind, and from that follows others things, yes.”

Nowadays, however, the role of king is like a hot potato, nothing that anyone can admit to wanting to do but a reality that still needs to be prepared for.