How Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Keep Pulling Off the Impossible

So they’ve struck just the right balance between beloved Hollywood couple and regulars at the neighborhood café, probably because they’re actually nice, interesting-seeming people who haven’t detached from the world around them, despite all the success.

Kutcher—a savvy investor who’s been tweeting since before it was, literally, all the rage and now is quite bullish on cryptocurrency—memorably opened the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2017 with some off-the-cuff political commentary that set Twitter ablaze. The couple share political leanings, both attending the 2018 Women’s March, and Kunis has been known to make donations to Planned Parenthood in former Vice President Mike Pence’s name. She revealed in 2018 that she even got into it with a member of her husband’s family before Donald Trump was elected.

“We both just so vehemently disagreed on a specific issue that to me is very important,” she shared on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. “Women’s rights, which sounds so stupid to say like, ‘Oh but to me it’s important, but to you it’s not.’ I don’t know why it wouldn’t be.”

Kunis, a Golden Globe nominee for Black Swan in 2011, took a break to focus on family after Wyatt was born and then got back into it with Bad Moms—which was enough of a hit to get a sequel, Bad Moms Christmas. 

All the while, she’s had one of the great gigs in show business, providing the voice of Meg on Family Guy for the better part of two decades.