Here’s How They Can Be Yours – Footwear News

Most know Wawa as a Delaware-based convenience store chain that carries everything from soft drinks to candy to hot dogs. Well, now, the brand customized a pair of Nike Air Max 90 sneakers.

Wawa announced a new sweepstakes today, where the company is offering 10 pairs of Nike Air Max 90 sneakers for winners that feature an exclusive Wawa theme. The shoes, which are not an official Nike collaboration, incorporate a red, blue, orange, black gray and white color scheme that coincides with the store’s palette. Along the upper heel of the shoe is the signature red Wawa goose printed on a white background, and it’s completed with Wawa-branded laces. The sneakers also come with the words “Wawa Run” scribbled across the side.

The footwear comes in a custom, hoagie-inspired shoebox and the winner will also receive a Wawa gift card.

Garrixon — a shoe customizer based in Philadelphia — created the sneaker’s colorful, Wawa-centric design.

The sweepstakes, officially called #WawaRun Ger Sweepstakes, takes place now through Monday, Aug. 30. Winners will get the sneaker custom-built to their size. Some of the other merchandise getting raffled off in the sweepstakes includes a hammock, beach towel and camera.

For the Nike connoisseur and Wawa patrons alike who would like to try and get their hands on the sneakers, visit and follow the official Wawa page for more tidbits and reminders. To enter, a person must post the content to their Instagram story and then comment “#sweepstakes.” All who are interested should also read Wawa’s page about the sweepstakes’ terms and conditions on its website.