HBO’s The White Lotus Will Have You Rethinking a Trip to Hawaii

This might be the key to ensuring a five star review on Yelp, but as Natasha Rothwell was reminded in playing spa worker Belinda, “those people we interact with in customer service in our day-to-day, they’re people too.” 

“Sure, you might be on vacation, but you’re human, I’m human and if you have a s–t day, I can have a s–t day too,” she explained, adding that it’s made her take a step back and approach situations with empathy, because everyone can make mistakes.

Yes, those missteps are exaggerated in The White Lotus, Bartlett admitted, but it’s what makes the HBO series so good. He said, “That’s what is so complex and wonderful about it is that [the characters] all incredibly flawed, but there’s some moments where you kind of relate to them.”