Hand-Me-Down Bridal Lingerie? It’s a So Freakin’ Cheap Wedding


Here comes the “traumatized” bride!

In an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s season finale of So Freakin’ Cheap, airing Aug. 2, self-proclaimed “Princess of Cheap” Shelley Watson gifts her daughter Brittney “something borrowed and something blue” for her wedding day with a beautiful necklace. The Extreme Cheapstakes winner also takes the old adage literally for Brittney’s wedding night. 

“Your veil is your ‘something new’,” TLC star Shelley says as bride Brittney unwraps another present. “So here’s your ‘something old.’ There’s something else in there. This is the lingerie that I had on my wedding night.” 

Um, what?! Brittney immediately tosses the white frilly teddy down on the floor, throwing her hands up in surrender. “I figured you didn’t have anything,” mom Shelley says with a laugh. “It’s been washed. Isn’t it cute?” 

But, Brittney can’t hold back her disgust in a confessional. “That’s my mom’s,” she stresses. “I can’t think about my mom and dad, like…”


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