Halo Infinite review: The campaign is close to perfection


There are two possible disappointments with the campaign. First, there is indeed a lack of biome diversity, as some fans feared based on early previews. In terms of lore, Zeta Halo is the largest and most ancient of the ringworlds in the series. In terms of game design, “Infinite” is also the largest a Halo game has ever been. Still, players are restricted to one portion of the ringworld, largely peppered with trees similar to those you’d find in the Pacific Northwest, along with swamps and mountains. While all these locations vary in many ways when it comes to scale, they almost always retain the same aesthetic. Fortunately, the game’s many cavernous interior areas add some variety. Sadly, although they remind you of some of the best linear levels of “Halo 2,” these interiors aren’t as remarkable and may fade from memory once you return to Zeta Halo’s sprawling open world.


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