Gymnast MyKayla Skinner “Heartbroken” After Ending Tokyo Olympics Run

Sadly, it looks like MyKayla Skinner’s Olympic journey and gymnastics career has come to an abrupt end.

The 24-year-old gymnast and oldest member of the United States’ women’s team competed as an Olympian for the first time on Sunday, July 25. She participated in the qualifying round at the Tokyo Olympics as an individual competitor rather than in a team event. To be able to continue in the Games, she had to finish in the top eight overall and be one of the top two U.S. gymnasts. She placed 10th.

MyKayla was seen crying as she received her scores, ESPN reported. As a result of the strict COVID-19 protocols in Japan, the gymnast—who actually contracted the coronavirus earlier this year—must leave the country within 48 hours of the meet and will not be allowed to cheer on her teammates from the stands as they continue their Olympic journey, the network said. 

“Heart broken,” MyKayla wrote on Twitter, “but feeling sooo humbled and blessed for the amazing performance I had tonight! You have all brought me to tears thanks for being my biggest cheerleaders! Love u all [kiss emoji] xoxo myk.”

She added, “#NeverGiveUp.”