Gossip Girl Costume Designer on Dressing the Upper East Siders

Those luxurious touches went to the wayside when it came to dressing Zoya (Whitney Peak), who had a much different upbringing compared to her half-sister. Describing Zoya as an activist, Daman shared that it was “very important” for the character to wear Black-owned merchandise, like a tote from Revolution Books in New York City. 

“When she comes into all this, as far as socio-politically, she’s an activist, and it was very important to integrate Black owned merchandise, because she has this kind of hero tote from Revolution Books, this Black bookstore here in the city,” he shared. “It was important to kind of add those elements as her signature pieces that have a socio political statement. But it’s not just the band tee or like a grunge t-shirt that has something a little more significant and a bit of a voice to it.”

Other blink-and-you-miss-it details are a thrifted t-shirt from the AIDS era, an item that gives the show a “platform to discuss things in a different way.”