Get the Products Behind Black Thought’s Appropriately Thoughtful Grooming Routine

Black Thought has a simple test for when a products go from beta test to permanent fixture: “Once you get a couple of compliments, then it’s something you want to incorporate into your regimen.” For the latest episode of Grooming Gods, the Roots MC saved us the hard testing work and shared his morning routine. To Black Thought, this stuff is about more than vanity: “When you respect yourself,” he says, “it shows from the inside out.” 

Keep reading for the full lineup of products The Roots co-founder uses on the regular. 

Aesop tee leaf tree exfoliant

Aesop makes a few star turns in the routine, and for good reason: The Australian brand’s products are some of the best on the market, and its beloved exfoliant is no exception. This one is specially formulated with tea leaf and other calming ingredients to help leave your complexion looking spick and span post-application.

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Aesop parsley seed facial cleansing oil

This cleansing oil is infused with subtle traces of parsley seed (!) and enriched with crucial fatty acids to calm and refresh your face each and every day.

The Art of Shaving peppermint beard wash

Even if you don’t sport facial hair nearly as illustrious as Black Thought’s, investing in a proper beard wash is crucial. This one lathers on rich and scrubs out smooth.

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The Art of Shaving peppermint beard conditioner

You condition the hair on your head, don’t you? This specialty beard conditioner from the grooming gurus at The Art of Shaving works the same way—it will help your whiskers consistently look their soft and shiny best.

Tom Ford conditioning beard oil

What styling product is to the hair on your head, beard oil is to the hair on your face. Naturally, Tom Ford—an immaculately groomed man if there ever was one—makes the near-Platonic ideal, infused with almonds, grapeseed, and all-important vitamin E.

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Givenchy Le Soin Noir treatment lotion essence

When it comes to grooming, Black Thought is a man of habit: Once he finds a brand he likes he sticks with it. When that brand is Givenchy, the French luxury powerhouse, it’s not hard to see why—the label’s treatment lotion is rich in anti-aging ingredients that help your skin block out external pollutants and other long-term irritants.

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Givenchy Le Soin Noir eye cream

The House that Hubert built also sells this nourishing eye cream. Warm a dollop between your fingers and then gently apply it around the eye area to leave your peepers looking and feeling mercifully refreshed.

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Oh, you’re not using a primer? You should be.

Tom Ford hydrating lip balm

Sure, you could stock up on drugstore chapstick every few months, or you could make like Black Thought and finally pay your lips the attention they deserve by springing for Tom Ford’s best-in-class hydrating balm.

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Frederic Malle “The Night” eau de parfum

Looking for a new signature scent? (Or eager to switch up your fragrance for the summer?) Try this one, a rich composition from a legendary perfumer heavy on the oud, balanced by hints of Turkish rose and amber.

Aesop resolute hydrating body balm

To round out his routine, Black Thought relies on yet another banging Aesop product, this one designed for full-body application. The brand’s balm is formulated with wheat germ and shea butter that offer gobs of hydration, leaving a subtle, deliciously spicy aroma. 

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