First Singpass-enabled alcohol vending machine launched in S’pore

Singapore’s first alcohol vending machine is now in service, and it relies on Singpass to verify the purchaser’s age.

Launched by homegrown alcohol retailer Cellarbration, those of legal drinking age can now get alcoholic beverages at its retail store at Downtown East. In Singapore, the legal drinking age is 18.

cellarbration vending machine
Cellarbration’s new vending machines dispense alcohol / Image Credit: Cellarbration

How the Singpass-enabled vending machines work

Buyers can verify their age by scanning a QR code at the machine with the Singpass app on their smartphones. Cellarbration worked with FinTech and AI Technology company, Auresys to incorporate this new verification feature into vending machines so that they can be remotely managed.

The vending machines are equipped with a robotic arm that can dispense heavy, oddly-shaped, and fragile items such as glass bottles, without damaging the products.

The packaged boozy beverages will only be dispensed after the customer verifies his or her age with Singpass and contactless payment has been confirmed. Payments can be made with bank cards, mobile apps, as well as stored value cards.

app vending machine
Using a smartphone app with the vending machine / Image Credit: GovTech

Non-East siders can look forward to seeing more Singpass-enabled alcohol vending machines in other parts of the island and Cellarbration outlets in the next few months.

cellarbration store singapore
A Cellarbration retail store / Image Credit: Cellarbration

Cellarbration’s alcohol vending machine can be found at Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, #01-304/305.

Featured Image Credit: Cellarbration