Fighting COVID-19 Without Ruining Lives; the At-Risk People Progressives Left Behind

Monica Gandhi is an infectious diseases and HIV doctor at the University of California–San Francisco. Her stance against COVID-19 restrictions that harm more than help vulnerable people—such as the poor, the homeless, and those being treated for HIV—has brought her into the social media spotlight.

As medical director of San Francisco General Hospital’s HIV clinic, she knows first-hand the impact of restrictive measures that have seen patients deprived of the social contact, not to mention clinical treatment, they badly need. Even so, her advocacy for these people has spurred attacks from those in favor of stricter COVID-19 restrictions.

“I’ve been surprised by the backlash against me and others who saw these restrictions as more harmful for vulnerable, poor people,” she said.

Is there a way to reconcile stopping the spread of the coronavirus with seeing that people’s basic human needs are met?


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