Fenty Beauty Eau De Parfum Review: Rihanna Perfume Launch 2021


Within the beauty industry, the celebrity fragrance is a notoriously difficult product to master. For anyone who was of perfume-spraying age during the early aughts, you’ll likely recall the abundance of nauseatingly sweet scents that the pop princesses seemed to lend their names to—albeit, some more successfully than others. But Rihanna’s never been one to follow the status quo, and it shows with Fenty’s Eau de Parfum. 

For starters, nothing about this scent is expected or conventional in any way. It’s soft and romantic, warm and familiar, sweet and uplifting, spicy and seductive, and completely genderless all at the same time, revealing a level of nuance that is so rarely found in celebrity-fronted products. But with Fenty Eau de Parfum, Rihanna manages to reveal all sides of herself without ever actually making herself the star of the perfume. Sure she created it, but when I spritz it on the inside of my wrists, I don’t think to myself, “I smell like Rihanna.” It feels more subtle and personal than that, which is to say it feels like me.  

As for how the perfume wears, that too doesn’t disappoint. A couple of minutes after giving myself a quick spritz, my perfume-agnostic fiance happened to walk into the room, only to immediately let out an impassioned “wow, that smells awesome.” He then proceeded to walk into the room several more times throughout the day to remind me of just how incredible he thought the perfume smelled, which—on top of being very sweet—also just goes to show how intoxicating the Eau de Parfum is. If this is truly what Rihanna smells like, then I have to agree with Lil Nas X—it’s heavenly. Long live the undisputed queen of scent.

Fenty Eau de Parfum ($120) will be available exclusively at fentybeauty.com on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Although you can sign up for the early access wait list here. 


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