Every Must-See Moment From the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

Let the games begin!

After much anticipation—and one long year of waiting—the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are finally here and already proving to be a must-see summer event. On July 23, athletes from around the world are coming together to officially kick off the games with the Opening Ceremony. While many viewers are used to lots of lights, dancers and performances, today’s event is expected to look a little different.

According to Opening Ceremony executive producer Marco Balich, this year’s affair will be scaled down event given that the coronavirus pandemic is still impacting the entire world. “It will be a much more sobering ceremony,” he told Reuters. “Nevertheless, with beautiful Japanese aesthetics. Very Japanese, but also in sync with the sentiment of today, the reality. We have to do our best to complete this unique and hopefully the only one of its kind Olympics.”

According to event organizers, some traditions like the Parade of Nations will still go on. However, players will follow tight social distancing rules as they march in a largely empty Olympics stadium.