Engagement Ring Trends: The 13 Most Popular Shapes of 2021

Whether or not the celebrity engagement rings you’ve seen affect your desired setting — perhaps you’re even inspired by those of close friends and family — we bet you want to know what’s popular. That’s why we reached out to our favorite jewelry designers to ask the all-important question: what are the most requested styles of 2021? Everyone seems to agree that these days, brides-to-be are less focused on diamond clarity and carat size and way more excited to get inventive and express their personality through their chosen piece. KATKIM is making plenty of floating diamonds, which are particularly striking to the eye, while Stephanie Gottlieb sells heart-shaped stones, and Alison Lou is incorporating colored enamel.

If budget is (understandably) important to you, you’ll be happy to learn that a lot of current trends are not out-of-this-world expensive. Antique diamonds and bands are in, which is also an ethical choice, and allows you to work with vintage materials for a fraction of the price. Meanwhile, Mateo New York “can’t keep enough” of its colored gemstones, which are more affordable than a flashy, oversize diamond. While you may be surprised that there are really as many as 13 major engagement ring trends to sift through this year, it’s 2021, and the “you do you” approach to fashion has extended to even the most traditional items in our wardrobe. Ahead, see and shop the engagement ring requests today’s top jewelers are creating most often.