Dwyane Wade and More Help Miami Families After Tragic Condo Collapse

After the South Florida community was devastated by the Champlain Towers condo collapse in Surfside on Thursday, June 24, celebs such as Joe Jonas and Bethenny Frankel are doing what they can to help.

As of July 8, 64 people have been confirmed dead in the partial collapse, and upwards of 76 remain unaccounted for, per NBC News.

Former NBA star Dwyane Wade toured a memorial for the victims and spent time with personnel leading the recovery mission. 

“Today was about Uplifting, Praising and Showing up! Our first responders are the real MVPs,” Wade captioned an Instagram post shared during his visit. 

Meanwhile, on June 24, Jonas was spotted delivering pizzas to families devastated by the catastrophe.

Antonia Laborde, a reporter on the scene for El País, told E! News: “Joe arrived with a friend. I don’t know how long he [stayed] but more [than] half an hour. He was very low profile. The families were very upset about their [loved] ones. He went to the room where the volunteers were.”