Dr. Heavenly Answers Your Burning Married to Medicine Questions

E! You have really rallied around Dr. Contessa. What is your hope for her and her marriage going forward?

Dr. Heavenly: I think that I speak for everyone when we say Contessa is one of the most beautiful, educated, most compassionate people that we know. Our hearts go out to her because we just want her to be happy. I know she is all about family and her kids. But like Toya and so many other people said, your kids want to see you happy so at the end of the day, I want my friend to be happy. That’s all.

E!: Can we talk a little bit about Lisa Nicole and Kari returning this season?

Dr. Heavenly: I don’t give a damn about them so really, no. They did not come to the reunion. There is no reason to talk about them. I can’t think of anything about them. They weren’t in the reunion so what is there to talk about?

E! Are you happy that Quad is still part of the show after her divorce?

Dr. Heavenly: Absolutely. I say it all the time. I think there is a youthful energy she brings to the show and I love her. We love her. The show would not be the same without her. And I just think that she’s so intelligent. She’s so well spoken and I missed her the first half, but the second half she came with fire. She should be, if I had anything to do with it, she should be cast in this season, next season and seasons to come.