Dr. Dubrow Has Shocking News for Botched Patient Post-Surgery

Everything happens for a reason. 

On tonight’s episode of Botched, which aired on July 13, Dr. Terry Dubrow inarguably saves a patient’s life after an unfinished double mastectomy. Shannah tested positive for the BRCA-2 gene in 2014, but her “breast reconstruction needs a reconstruction,” according to her. 

“They just don’t look like a set of breasts,” Shannah explained of her “deformed” bust. She was inspired to get tested after her father developed Paget’s cancer, a male form of breast cancer that starts on the outside nipple. Shannah received her double mastectomy and breast reconstruction in Sept. 2014; her father passed away later that year.

“I just think of this whole journey and it is not a fun journey,” Shannah reflected. “My dad literally saved my life and if it wasn’t for him having breast cancer, I wouldn’t be here. Literally.” 

Yet, her gel silicone implants and “tattooed on” new nipples have become misshapen over time. “I just thought, this is just reconstruction,” Shannah continued. “It’s not going to be perfect.”