Do Frownies Work 2021? A Beauty Editor Reviews the Wrinkle Patches

I was surprised at how easy Frownies are to use. At night, I tore off a patch, dampened it with water, and applied it to my 11-lines. As it hardened, it reminded me of a pore strip, hard and cast-like. It was uncomfortable at first, but after about five minutes, I forgot it was there. However, I was quickly reminded of them when my husband saw me and asked, “What do you have on your forehead?!?” Frownies aren’t exactly sexy, so if they become a staple in my nighttime skincare routine, I’ll have to figure something out.

The next morning, after I dampened the patch and peeled it off, I was surprised that my 11-lines were hardly noticeable. The immediate and temporary effects of Frownies are apparent. If you iron a shirt, it’s going to be smooth and wrinkle-free until it is lived in. And that’s sort of what happened to my wrinkles. In the morning, my skin was as smooth and gentle as Mary Poppins on a pleasant day. However, by the time bedtime rolled around (and after yelling at my kids to go to bed for the hundredth time), my skin was as disheveled and wrinkled as The Hulk. So, yeah, Frownies will do the trick, but their effects are pretty short-lived. 

However, the brand rep reminds me that, “The deeper the fine line or wrinkle is, the longer it will take Frownies to soften and, eventually, train the facial muscle to remain flat.” So, I kept using them, and after a few weeks, I began to notice that I wasn’t as mean-looking at the end of the day as I used to be. Hopefully, with enough training, my wrinkles will learn to stop making me look mad all the time and eventually smooth out. Because they are so easy to use and affordable, I plan to keep using Frownies to train my face muscles like an Olympic athlete going for gold.