Costume Designer Clint Ramos Talks About Aretha and Respect

We know all of the words, and we know what they mean. “Respect,” the 1965 hit single from the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, wields impressive staying power in the collective conscious—so much so that in the three years since Franklin’s passing at age 76, there have been numerous tributes, celebrations, and critical examinations of her life. 

Most recently, the biopic Respect has brought the magic of Ms. Franklin back to the forefront. Starring the fantastic Jennifer Hudson, this film chronicles the singer’s life from childhood as she launches into career stardom, battling inner and outer demons and evolving along the way. Though her songs can be queued up at a moment’s notice (they continue to resonate with everyone from Boomers to Gen Zers), Hudson and Tony Award–winning costume designer Clint Ramos propel Franklin’s unique sense of style into the spotlight in this standout film.