Comment on Why The #Squad Uniform Has To Go by Paul Ilott

Excuse me but I think Fashionbeans and its ilk have to take some responsibility here what with its advice about capsule wardrobes, classic items and 10 ways to wear this and that. More to the point isn’t the paradox in fashion that the more people try and express their individuality the more they look the same. Historically fashion has always adopted uniforms – Teddy Boys, Mods, Hippies- and even in the post modern age we seem we are incapable of saying something new because many of our ideas (and emotions) come from the culture we inhabit. That is why very few people in history have said or done anything generally original – it’s really hard to do. The other day I walked out in boot cut jeans crocs a cycling top and pants on my head only to discover that someone in Albania had beaten me to it. So next time you see someone in the bar with the same outfit just relax and embrace the delusion of your individuality and hold up your pint and say cheers.