Coffee Break: New Nylon Watch Hill Stripe Medium Tote


So when I was doing our roundup of the best work totes for women last week, I was … maybe … kind of … delighted to see that old school Kate Spade bags are back on the market. These were HUGE when I was just out of college, as a much more affordable alternative to the uber-popular nylon Prada bag that was also everywhere. (I’ve often wondered how many of the omnipresent Prada bags were $20 fakes from the street.) The Kate Spade totes were a little boxy but were your basic black nylon tote. I can’t tell you how many magazine events I went to where like 90% of the girls had one of these totes.

I don’t remember how much they cost at the time, and it never even occurred to me to buy one at a store. (I was pretty solidly in a mindset of “I am on a Very Tight Budget!” at the time.) But I did go to a Kate Spade sample sale in hopes of scoring one for a discount, back when sample sales were big business — I vaguely remember waiting outside in line for upwards of an hour. At the time the black stripey imagery was everywhere for Kate Spade — if I remember correctly it was the lining for some of their bags, and a lot of their store imagery/bags was black stripey also. (I wound up getting a beautiful red patent leather bag at the sale with a tiny little bow on it at the sale for about $50, which I still have and have almost never used because it was too slender for me.)

ANYWAY: the basic black tote is back if you want the Classic. This black stripey tote (pictured) has the same uber-functional design, but I like the fun callback to the early days of Kate Spade. It’s $198, has an interior slip pocket and an interior zipper pocket, as well as a flat base for stability.

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