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With a Nordic-inspired name roughly translating to “beyond the limit,” gilla8 is a rising K-Beauty brand spotlighting skin care made of naturally derived ingredients in innovative yet gentle concoctions. Its simple, fuss-free formulas are anchored by soothing ingredients that give skin the chance to rest and heal. The brand’s Tea Tree Cica Extra Calming line, in particular, is all about calming irritations and treating acne, which suits my easily aggravated skin to a tee.

After experimenting with different skin care products over the past two years, I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. Witch hazel always aggravates my skin, while K-Beauty fave cica has been a perennial skin-saver. This is why I was thrilled to trial the ampoule, cream and spot corrector from gilla8’s Tea Tree Cica Extra Calming line. Even though I’ve experienced mild flare-ups from tea tree products before, I was willing to give this collection a go given the brand’s reputation for gentle-on-skin formulas.

Going into this, I wasn’t expecting significant glow-ups or anti-aging boosts. My skin had gradually regained some luster since the beginning of the year, but it’s still showing signs of irritation, including persistent red patches and a few pimples. My main goal is to de-stress rather than revitalize my skin. With the trio’s high concentration of skin-soothing ingredients, they seem like a pretty safe bet.

Will this routine give my summer skin the soothing it craves? Read on to find out!

The product: Formulated for sensitive and troubled skin, this ampoule can purportedly calm irritations, prevent acne and lock in moisture. The formula can also fortify the skin barrier, reverse skin damage and soften fine lines.

Key ingredients: Tea tree leaf water, centella asiatica leaf extract, centella asiatica extract, centella asiatica root extract, glycerine, betaine, tea tree leaf oil, madecassoside

My take: A solid performer, this exceedingly lightweight ampoule absorbed instantly into my skin to provide a comforting boost. Although there were no dramatic skin changes, it left my skin feeling refreshed and looking healthier than it had in weeks. After two weeks of dedicated usage, I noticed that a lot of my facial redness began to fade, and there was a newfound smoothness to my cheeks.

It’s too early to tell whether the ampoule could indeed blur fine lines, but if my skin’s continued improvements are anything to go by, I’m optimistic about seeing such results.

The product: Packed with bona fide skin-soothers like cica extract and tea tree leaf water, this moisturizing cream can calm irritations and blur blemishes while providing steady hydration. It’s also formulated to control excess sebum production in order to reduce oiliness.

Key ingredients: Cica extract, tea tree leaf water, heartleaf extract, calendula flower extract, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil

My take: First of all, I love the buttery yet lightweight texture, which felt uber-comfortable on my skin. This cream provides a subtle cooling effect, a welcome refresher on hot summer days. The gentle, non-aggravating formula was mostly successful in taming my on-going irritations, although a few red patches remained. Overall, my skin felt calm and more settled after the trial.

On the moisturization front, its effects were adequate rather than spectacular. I didn’t notice any plumped-up effect after application, and as the days wore on, my combination skin experienced spells of tautness and oiliness. For those with relatively dry skin, this cream might not be hydrating enough. Its superb soothing benefits, however, means I’ll still put it in my skin care rotation. I’ll just pair the cream with other products such as a hydrating toner or face mist for that plumped-up look.

The product: Coming in a lightweight, barely-there consistency and in a pale green color, this spot corrector promotes healing by offering emergency care to troubled spots. It’s also designed to fade blemishes and red patches while reducing the appearance of pores.

Key ingredients: Cica extract, tea tree leaf water, triple hyaluronic acid, panthenol, squalane

My take: I have a few stubborn pimples that refuse to fade, so this product seemed like a godsend. Hoping to eradicate these spots for good, I applied the cream religiously during my morning and evening routines for a week. While the results weren’t miraculous, the affected areas became visibly less red and swollen, and my skin felt instantly soothed. To fade the pimples entirely, I believe I have to implement more fundamental changes to my lifestyle, such as better sleeping habits and diet that includes staying away from junk food. The spot corrector, in offering subtle improvements, is a good first step in the right direction.

The Final Verdict:

As expected, gilla8’s Tea Tree Cica Extra Calming line didn’t deliver a dramatic glow-up, but I appreciated the three products’ gentle-on-skin formulas, soothing powers and mild nourishing effects. It’s hard to find skin care products that are as soothing as hyped, and this trio lived up to that promise.

If your skin needs some mild de-stressing, then I believe the Tea Tree Cica Extra Calming Ampoule, Cream and Spot Corrector can offer real and lasting benefits. For intensive nourishment, however, these products might not be the best routine. While the trio offers gentle respite, they may not be potent enough to bring about ground-breaking skin changes.

That said, I am still very impressed with how effectively gilla8’s products calmed my skin. I will keep the cream and ampoule in my skin care rotation as lightweight skin-calming options for days when my skin needs some serious comforting.

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