Christian Slater Reacts to Chris Evans’ Baffling Viral Tweet About Him

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Christian Slater is still thoroughly confused by Chris Evans’ recent viral tweet about him.

During the 51-year-old Dr. Death actor’s visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, July 22, guest host Anthony Anderson brought up the fact that the star was trending on Twitter earlier this month after he was the focus of Chris’ delightfully head-scratching message. 

The 40-year-old Knives Out standout’s tweet from July 1 read, “If Christian Slater from 1989 walked into the room, and I had never heard his name before, and had to guess what it was just from what he looked like, I would guess ‘Christian Slater.'” And yes, we’re currently nodding and smiling just like you are. 

After reading this post aloud, Anthony quipped, “First off, I think Chris Evans does not need to tweet drunk and high at the same time again. But do you know why he tweeted this about you, or for you?”

Christian paused for a beat while shaking his head with a smile. He then responded, “You know, I have no idea. That was definitely a surprise.” After another pause, he clarified, “A pleasant one.”