Chelsea Houska Says These Comments About Aubree Make “Me Sick”

Chelsea Houska Gives Birth to Baby No. 4

Chelsea Houska is protecting her daughter from any and all critics.

After making the decision to leave Teen Mom 2 in October 2020, the former MTV reality star has continued to update fans on her family life through social media. But during an Instagram Q&A on Monday, Aug. 23, Chelsea began to question how much she will post going forward.

It all started when a fan commented on Chelsea’s daughter Aubree becoming a pre-teen. “Are you surprised by how fast Aubs is growing up?” the user asked. “R u amused to everyone’s reaction to it?”

As it turns out, not all the reactions have been positive leaving Chelsea protective of her oldest child.

“I did want to answer this because I am amused by everyone’s reaction to it because I know you guys feel like you know Aubree,” she shared. “Someone was like, ‘We’re all her Aunties’ and I thought that was so cute, but I do have one thing that I do not like and it makes me sick honestly is when people comment on her body.”