Chanel Boy Bag Sizes & Styles

Aesthetically, there are endless options of colors and designs to choose from. But the main factor to decide on first is what size you’re looking for. Over the years the front flap staple has been made into seven different sizes and silhouettes, its most popular four being small, medium, large, and the small chain wallet. 

Pinpoint what you hope to get out of your Boy bag—will it be a daily grab or a sacred going-out piece? If you fill your purses like Mary Poppins (anyone need a BandAid or a phone charger?), then the Large Boy bag will be your best friend. On the other hand, if you’re a bare necessities kind of gal, the dainty wallet on a shoulder chain could squeeze your cards, cash, and maybe a lip balm or keys comfortably. Then there’s the matter of opting for a brand new bag or going the pre-loved route. Investing in a gently used Chanel bag provides plenty of benefits. Like fine art, most of the label handbags have only been produced in limited quantities meaning they will only appreciate over time. Also, original or special edition bags are few and far in-between so getting your hands on something edgier or era-identifying makes it all the more valuable. 

Without further ado, follow Editorialist’s comprehensive shopping guide on the Chanel Boy Bag below.