Punches thrown in Ghana parliament over proposed electronic payments tax

ACCRA – A brawl broke out on the floor of Ghana’s parliament late on Monday as lawmakers debated a proposed tax on electronic transactions that has divided the house for weeks. The 1.75% e-levy, which would include taxes on mobile money payments, has been fiercely opposed by the opposition since it was first proposed last month, … Read more

Secret Service: Nearly $100 Billion In Pandemic Relief Funds Stolen

Nearly $100 billion at minimum has been stolen from COVID-19 relief programs set up to help businesses and people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, the U.S. Secret Service said Tuesday. The estimate is based on Secret Service cases and data from the Labor Department and the Small Business Administration, said Roy Dotson, … Read more

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The F.B.I. Deployed Surveillance Teams Inside Portland Protests

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, who has been scrutinizing the federal response to Portland, said in an interview that while federal officers have a right and a responsibility to protect federal property, there should be a high bar when it comes to agencies surveilling political gatherings. “The Department of Justice needs to explain to me … Read more

Opinion | Omicron and Kids: How to Navigate the Covid Winter

Serious disease risks in kids have been low throughout the pandemic. And school-age students now can get vaccinated to further reduce their risk of serious disease. The details are important. For example, what did the school’s contact tracing efforts conclude about the likely source of common exposure? Often, when there are infections in a classroom, … Read more

Biden urges Americans to get vaccinated as Europe braces for ‘storm’ of Omicron cases – National

Countries across Europe considered new curbs on movement on Tuesday while U.S. President Joe Biden appealed to all Americans to get vaccinated to fight the Omicron variant of COVID-19 sweeping the world days before the second Christmas of the pandemic. Omicron infections are multiplying across Europe, the United States and Asia, including in Japan, … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury says unvaccinated are immoral because ‘it’s about how I love my neighbour’ 

The unvaccinated are immoral, Archbishop of Canterbury declares: Welby says getting the jab is ‘not about me and my rights to choose – it’s about how I love my neighbour’ Justin Welby urged Britons to ‘get vaccinated, get boosted’ amid Omicron surgeHe said he felt ‘disappointment and sadness’ at government’s party scandal The church leader said … Read more

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Boris hits the brakes on Christmas lockdown as scientists give glimmer of hope

Boris Johnson hit the brakes on Christmas lockdown as scientists concluded the Omicron strain is likely to be milder than Delta, it was revealed today – with ministers saying cases are also lower than feared.  The PM declared last night that Christmas can definitely go ahead ‘cautiously’, but warned that the government is tracking the spread of … Read more