30 Outdoor-Inspired Styles That Channel Gorpcore Aesthetic

Gorpcore—a trend that centers on wearing functional outdoor wear for fashion and style purposes—has crept its way back into fashion relevance once again via Tiktok’s fashion lovers. The trend’s popularity is undeniable. From The North Face x Gucci and Eddie Bauer X The Great collaboration to Reformation X Canada Goose, there’s been an uptick of fashion brands … Read more

29 Serotonin-Inducing Nordstrom Fashion Pieces

With the world seemingly falling apart at every turn, It’s become more important than ever to find moments of joy in everyday mundane activities. For fashion people, a great way to tackle this is by channeling your energy into getting dressed in pieces that make happy chemicals swirl around your noggin in delight. As always, … Read more

10 Controversial Beauty Trends That Will Take Over 2023

Fadul believes that this year, consumers will shop smarter, finally focusing on quality over quantity. “People want to invest in better products with scientific formulas that actually work and veer away from trendy ingredients,” Fadul says. She also sees is skincare extending into bodycare with beauty routines indulging the entire body, “with the same skin-loving formulas as the … Read more

J.Lo Just Proved the “Lip Gloss” Nail Trend Is Worth Trying

If we were to play a word association game and you said “J.Lo,” the first thing I would say back is “nude lip gloss.” The star has been sporting glossy nude lips since the ’90s. At this point, there’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez’s one great love is ultra-reflective, latte-toned lips. (Sorry, Ben Affleck.)  Though … Read more

5 Tricks to Clean Suede Boots With Items in Your Kitchen

Suede boots move in and out of the trend spotlight from year to year, which means we’ll always have the style staple in our wardrobes, whether it’s in the form of itty-bitty ankle boots or ultra-high over-the-knee style. Street style stars make it look so easy to tromp around in the beautiful footwear, which is a feat … Read more

This $12 Bodywash Is a Dupe for Le Labo’s $60 Version

Now, here is the $12 product that I’m convinced is a good, all-around dupe. It’s from a brand called Saltair, which specializes in bodycare and haircare products. (If you haven’t seen it already, you’re sure to see it everywhere soon; the brand just launched at Target, but I digress.) Not only does it contain good-for-skin … Read more

3 Jewelry Trends Worth Investing In, According to a Designer

Photo: Courtesy of Blumarine; Imaxtree/ Bally When you think about the piece in your closet that brings you the most joy, which is it? For some, it may be a great pair of jeans or a designer handbag, but for Erin Sachse Nathan, it’s jewelry. And while it may seem a little reductive that the founder … Read more

39 Chic Zara New Arrivals Too Good to Keep to Myself

I’m not going to lie. One of the highlights of my workweek is when I get to peruse Zara’s new arrivals. I mean, is there anything more sartorially thrilling than finding an affordable gem that could pass for designer? On top of this, the brand’s website is always rife with fresh and unique styling ideas, an encouraging … Read more

Sneak Inside GQ’s Wildest Paris Fashion Week Party Yet

A couple days after the GQ team landed in Paris for the Fall-Winter 2023 men’s shows, we sent out the Bat Signal: L’Avenue. Friday night. 10:00 pm. If you got the text, you knew exactly what it meant: the GQ Paris party, our bi-annual celebration of the community that makes menswear the most exciting thing … Read more