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Rising Korean brand SELF-BEAUTY has made it a mission to help women everywhere discover their “beautitude” – “beauty” and “attitude.” With a vision of beauty that merges classic glam with contemporary sass, the brand prides itself on developing makeup products that are simple, bold and kind to skin. Delivering everything from a natural-looking glow to flawless coverage to luscious lip looks, SELF BEAUTY is all about unleashing your authentic self through constant experimentation.

The brand is anchored by four main lines: UNICONIC, Editor’s Pick Glam Up, BEAUTITUDE and AIRLASTING, with each collection catering to unique makeup needs. The buzzy UNICONIC line focuses on products that prep skin so it’s the perfect canvas for makeup. The Editor’s Pick Glam Up line consists of makeup that’s all about glow and definition. The BEAUTITUDE line offers a swoon-worthy range of color makeup. AIRLASTING provides sun care items that combine sun protection with skin care benefits.


The UNICONIC line is all about prepping and refining skin. Its crown jewels are a trio of primers. Aurora Essence Primer’s pinkish white essence provides a flawless base for makeup by adding an instant glow to skin on top of a moisturizing boost. Hydrating Essence Primer, which is formulated for dry skin, comes packed with hyaluronic acid for thorough hydration. Pore Control Essence Primer produces a fine, poreless finish. All three can be used on the eyelids, lips and cheeks.

To create flawless skin while on-the-go, a cushion compact is a K-Beauty must-have. SELF BEAUTY presents two iterations: Aurora Glow Cushion lives up to its name by providing a dewy glow, and Matte Cushion is ideal for oilier skin types. Both come with potent skin care benefits, from soothing effects to pore care.

Also part of the collection are the Pro Like Essence Primer Mask and the Good Night Lip Mask, both designed to deliver ample nourishment to dehydrated skin.