Blouses, Jeans, Blazers & More

It may take several years (and dozens of closet cleanouts), but eventually, everyone arrives at the same conclusion: the life cycle of your clothing matters. Buying pieces that will ultimately land in the “donate” pile a year later can get exhausting—not to mention the environmental cost. The question is: How do you build a wardrobe with endurance? One that survives and thrives without chasing down trends and overhauling your closet every season? The answer: basics. A smart, staples-centric wardrobe will play the long game, continuing to bring value to your every appearance—not just now, but ten years from now. That’s why Editorialist’s team of expert stylists is constantly helping their clients build a strong foundation of wardrobe basics. After years of searching high (The Row) and low (Madewell), they’ve nailed down the absolute best garments in every category (T-shirts, trousers, handbags, you name it)—and they’re disclosing it for the first time.

Though styles on their checklist range from Theory T-shirts to Manolo Blahnik pumps, one thing is shared across the board: Each garment is built to perfection, with timelessness at top of mind. (Minimalists, are your ears ringing?) Still, integrating basics isn’t necessarily about overhauling your personal style in favor of a more subtle, neutral palette. According to Katelyn Bernard, Styling & Content Specialist at Editorialist YX, the wearer can more easily accent their wardrobes with new-and-now pieces once they have the basics down. In other words: yes, that colorful Dries van Noten coat that’s marked down on Net-A-Porter is fair game. 

“It’s a fun time to reinvent your style right now, as we come back—fingers crossed—to this normal-ish new world. And honestly, there’s no better way to do that than with staples,” says Bernard. “At the end of the day, those are the kinds of items that speak to your wardrobe. You can always buy other fun pieces to highlight it, but it’s the everyday staples that make up your uniform.”