Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Says He Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer

During the livestream, Mark said he was scheduled to see if the chemotherapy was working.

“Ideally, I go in tomorrow and they say, ‘Congratulations, your chemotherapy has worked and you’re all done and you’ll never have to think about this cancer again for the rest of your life,'” he expressed, adding, “And if they say, ‘Well, it’s really not working like we hoped,’ then I’ll have to go in [and] talk about other options.”

Mark also opened up about how his mother, who is a three-time cancer survivor, has been by his side throughout this time.

“Has my mom given me any words of encouragement? Yes. Oddly enough, we have the exact form of cancer,” he explained. “And she beat it, so I’ve been able to talk to her and bond with her quite a bit.”