Biggest Y2K Fashion Trends In 2021 Were Weird But Cool

Mid- and high-rise jeans are hard to reject: They’re structured, durable, and don’t require tugging at the belt loops after each and every step to ensure that your G-string doesn’t pop out whale-tail style (though that, too, is trending ATM). Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, check off few useful boxes, with some not even bothering to include belt loops at all. (When the zipper on your jeans is only two inches long, there simply isn’t room for belt loops. See: Bynes at the 2002 Kids’ Choice Awards.) And yet, the denim style we all swore we’d never tug on again is, in fact, rising up the ranks, with the hashtag #lowrisejeans acquiring over 61 million views on TikTok and celebs like Sophie Turner and Rihanna jumping on board. Proceed with caution.