Best Makeup and Skincare Gifts 2021

We’re not going to sugarcoat this: Shopping for a beauty lover can be a significant challenge. In addition to typically being both perpetually informed about new launches and discerning in taste, most tend to buy the product they’re craving for themselves. (There’s something to be said for instant gratification.) And as both beauty enthusiasts and difficult giftees ourselves, we understand your frustration. However, the hunt for the perfect present doesn’t need to end with a gift card. 

Instead, why not buy them something so fabulous, they’d never even consider buying it themselves? For instance, an impossibly large jar of La Mer or the most iconic hairbrush ever made—those are presents that really wow, regardless of how unskilled you might be with wrapping paper. If you’re ready to make your loved ones’ and friends’ jaws drop, keep reading. We’ve carefully combed through the very best gifts for beauty lovers online to find some of the most thoughtful, unique, and, yes, truly spectacular presents out there.