“Once again, asche gets personal with his new introspective single ‘wasted (youth)’. Diving back into his past asche delivers his signature sound, a subtle two-way-mirror-blend of party and pity. With a knack for song structure and strong Pop sensibilities the depth of asche’s songs can almost be overlooked amongst the energy and excitement they bring. Thunderous 808’s boom during the chorus underneath spacious chords and keys that echo and reverberate above to create an awesome but ominous atmosphere. While lost in the sound the depth of ‘wasted (youth)’s content seeps through. Described as “a moment of clarity, looking back at my past as an adult, reclaiming my identity” and with cover art taken from the symbology of The Matrix to represent the web of influences infiltrating asche’s youth. From ‘alcoholism and infidelity in my household’ asche truly covers it all with a raw delivery that is powerful and passionate.”

“My new single wasted (youth) is definitely my most personal release to date. This song is a reflection on my younger years and how I feel like my childhood was stolen, due to having to deal with extremely heavy experiences such as alcoholism and infidelity in my household. The song is a moment of clarity for me, looking back at my past now as an adult, reclaiming my identity. The artwork is my take on the Matrix I lived in created by religion, ignorance and judgement.”