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July 28, 2021

Adopt a slower pace, Aquarius. Life has been moving at a mile-a-minute in 2021. But with limitless Jupiter retrograding through Pisces since June 20, it’s possible that you’ve been barely keeping up with rapid expansion on the career front, having to make tough calls when it comes to just how much room you have on your plate. Today, as the red planet spins further backward into your sign until October 18, the cosmos paves the way for a period of reflection and rest. Take your nose off the grindstone and step back to assess the big picture. Could your grand master plan benefit from a little tweaking? Did you prematurely put the kibosh on an idea that actually had potential? Whatever the case, make any necessary adjustments. By the time Jupiter resumes forward motion on October 18, you could have something exciting to unveil! And while the spotted planet powers ahead in Aquarius from October 18 to December 28, you’ll be utterly unstoppable.

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