Aly Michalka Reveals a Potential Easy A Sequel Is in the Works

“I remember really enjoying being on the set of because A, I liked the people a lot. Like all the cast was really fun,” A.J. continues. “And B, I also liked seeing Aly exercise her comedy chops as much as she was able to in that movie, which you hadn’t fully done yet in a film.”

Surprisingly enough, the sisters aren’t as enthusiastic about their Disney Channel Original Movie Cow Belles. They somewhat cringed when a sequel was brought up, with Aly saying they don’t see themselves returning to those characters, like ever. 

As A.J. puts it, “People have asked, we said yes and I think we were trying to be like, coy and sweet about it. But now I’m like, no. I’d rather just go make a great movie together playing sisters that has nothing to do with a dairy farm.”

“I think Disney has plenty of content for Disney+ at the moment that they’re not probably desperate for a sequel of Cow Belles. I don’t think it’s in the cards,” Aly adds.